As a recent grad who has yet to find a job, my situation has highlighted the fact that I’m in a bit of a creativity rut lately. I used to always have story ideas swirling around in my head. In school, I always had projects to work on and keep my brain sharp. Now that the summer has hit and I’m jobless, projectless, and, let’s face it, kind of friendless, I’ve decided to at least take back some semblance of control in my life. Thus, the resurrection of this weird little side blog I started back in the day.

Having spent most of this month listening to webinars and taking online courses about how to make it in the design and tech industry, the prevailing theme and piece of advice seems to boil down to this: you gotta make stuff. Doesn’t really matter what it is, just create something that nobody else but you can create. Enter the challenge:


Inspired by my other designer friends, I’m going to embark on a challenge to make something every day, for 100 days. I’m focusing on writing, because I feel like that’s where my heart beats strongest, but if the odd illustration or design idea comes to me, what the hell.

I’ll mostly be using this generator, which gives you the first line of a story to work off of. I’m not limiting myself to any particular length or genre of story. I just need to take that first line, let the words flow and see what happens.

Let’s do this thing!


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